Street Art Toronto Electrical Box

Street Art Toronto (or stART) commissions a couple dozen artist each year to paint a big ugly grey electrical box each, with the idea that it makes the city look nicer and it will cut down on vandalism. I was fortunate enough to be selected this year and decided to paint a few animals and sunset (classic)

I drew out my design in Adobe Illustrator then applied it to a template of the box so see how it would line up. I pretty much do everything in Illustrator. I love how I can create a figure or object out of basic shapes then move it around easily to build a composition

Final layout and colour rough of my design.

Step 1 was priming the box. It was in pretty rough shape so it took a few coats. Then I drew it out with pencil and started colouring it in, one colour at a time. Im used to screen printing so breaking down the image by layer is kind of second nature, and in this case worked out well.

Very happy with how it turned out, if you are in Toronto you can check it out at the corner of Broadview and Mortimer Ave

Here is a link to stART for more information on the application process if anyone is interested next year

Thanks for looking