Road Less Traveled Poster Series – Ireland

Incredible two months in Dundalk Ireland at Creative Spark.

This poster series are reaction/response pieces to some of the internal dialogue I’ve been having with myself over the last year. Plans are only plans. Having a plan is easy, taking those terrifying first steps to get moving is the most important part.

When my brother dropped me off at the airport in September I had a moment of hesitation. A moment of doubt thinking about how I don’t really know where I’m going, for sure don’t speak the language, and maybe this idea of traveling all the way across the world to experiment and develop new skills can maybe be done at the comfort of home. But here I am 6 months later, having lived in I think 5 different countries with a few more things still lined up. 

Here are the 6 finished posters as well as some process work. Loved my time in Ireland, can’t wait to come back someday.