Koyannisqatsi Poster REPOST!

This Koyannisqatsi poster I did for @hotdocs popped on my memories today and I thought it would be a good opportunity to repost with some of my behind the scenes process and thinking – I’m going to try to do this more often (try).

Koyannisquatsi is a visually stunning documentary that cuts between shots of nature, cities, people, industry, consumerism, technology and then back to nature. Basically a moving collage showing out out of balance humans are and how we ruin everything. It’s incredible, but not exactly easy to make a poster for (especially in the minimalist style I prefer to work in). After thinking about some of the key scenes to focus on, I realized that’s not the point at all. This film is meant to be an abstract juxtaposition of everything at once – it’s chaos in its most organized form. That’s what the poster needed to be. Slide to the right to see some of the screen grabs and inspo images I worked from to create a sketch that felt like the both a tribute to the original promotional images as well as something totally new. Thanks for looking!