HS Doc Club: The War Show

The War Show Robert John Paterson Illustration Design TorontoThis month the HS Doc Club is working with Hot Docs on the Ban This Series festival. It will feature free screenings with films based out of the seven nations currently banned from the US. The War Show follows a Syrian radio host and his friends as the country experiences a mass repression and revolution.

I wanted the image to be super obviously Syrian, so I started with the flag. I felt it was important for people to recognize where this film was from and what its subject was going to be based on. I then wrapped a radio in barbed wire to show both the war aspect as well as the main characters vocation. I didn’t start with the idea to restrict colours to solely the ones used in the flag, but as the image developed it became clear to me less was more, and to just let the type and flag speak for themselves.

More info on the screening at HS Doc Club

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