My Time Is Now

Cape Fear is a relentless, suffocating film built on the unsettling feeling that Max Cady is always there – and so much closer to the family than they realize. I designed my poster in an attempt to capture this unease. I want the viewer to see and feel Max in every inch of the page.

Doing super intricate illustrations like this is actually so fun for me. Watched Cape Fear a half dozen times and sketched and made notes, then took all those little ideas and tried to see where they could overlap. I remember showing my friend one of the early sketches that had Max chilling on the wall, that was also his tattoo, and it was also actually becomes his face and eyes on the house boat. I was so stoked cause I could see where it was going – she was just like yeah ok maybe that’s a thing, could you please stop buying olives and pesto and leaving them in my fridge.

The poster was designed for Gallery 1988‘s “30 Years Later” show in January 2021. Prints available here.

Robert John paterson

Koyannisqatsi Poster REPOST!

This Koyannisqatsi poster I did for @hotdocs popped on my memories today and I thought it would be a good opportunity to repost with some of my behind the scenes process and thinking – I’m going to try to do this more often (try).

Koyannisquatsi is a visually stunning documentary that cuts between shots of nature, cities, people, industry, consumerism, technology and then back to nature. Basically a moving collage showing out out of balance humans are and how we ruin everything. It’s incredible, but not exactly easy to make a poster for (especially in the minimalist style I prefer to work in). After thinking about some of the key scenes to focus on, I realized that’s not the point at all. This film is meant to be an abstract juxtaposition of everything at once – it’s chaos in its most organized form. That’s what the poster needed to be. Slide to the right to see some of the screen grabs and inspo images I worked from to create a sketch that felt like the both a tribute to the original promotional images as well as something totally new. Thanks for looking!

Rancid 2000 Tribute

Rancid 2000 came out 20 years ago this month! Because it’s my favourite album of all time I made an illustration of each song to celebrate (and a bunch of fake merch, it’s not real don’t dm me bro). This project was my quarantine downtime activity and I’m so stoked to be finished and able to share it. Click the link to see the images and some sketches

Twin Peaks Illustrated Map – Sherpa Fleece Blanket

What better way to pass the time than marathon Twin Peaks and curl up in this illustrated map of the town. Features all iconic locations like The Double R Diner, One Eyed Jacks, Timber Falls Motel, and of course The Great Norther Hotel. Up on Etsy now!

Prince Of Darkness – VHS ReAnimated

Been a minute but I’m back to uploading Animated movie reviews to youtube!

PRINCE OF DARKNESS is about Dr. Loomis (from HALLOWEEN) being a priest and inheriting a new church from some other guy that dies. In the church basement he finds a shrine and giant tub of green goo and realizes its and anti-god and its totally alive. So then he gets the grandpa from THREE NINJAS to bring a team of students and scientists to come study it and prove to the world its real… And real dangerous. While they are setting up shop and taking nerd readings and learning the goo starts to wake up and possess everyone and turn them into zombies and begin the process of taking over the world.

… And. As always here are some custom artworks I made to go along with it.