VHS ReAnimated Posters

In my downtime between projects Ive been making weird youtube tribute videos called VHS ReAnimated where I talk about and recomend some 80s horror slashers that are either so bad they are good, or they are just regular good. Here are a few of the posters that I use in videos.

Asahi Christmas Card

One of my last projects of 2018, what a fun one. Asahi really let me loose and do my thing with this one. Here are two colour schemes I sent, they went with the blue one

Greetings and Goodbyes

“Greetings and Goodbyes” is a poster series I created last summer at DEPO2015 in Pilsen Czech Republic. It’s a reflection and celebration of my last year traveling around Europe, meeting new people and really pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Not everything went as planned, but I don’t regret any risks or chances I took. Actually, all the stuff that went wrong make the best stories and inspire more art. So I guess I’m looking forward to the next time I get locked out, miss a flight, take a train to the wrong city, or you know… get banned from a whole continent

“Ho Guidato Tutta La Notte” – New Mural in Siciliy!! – Italy

“Ho Guidato Tutta La Notte”

Incredible month in Sicily, many many thanks to ART Project Graniti for hosting me.

Partially inspired by the song “I Drove All Night” by Roy Orbison, and partially a reaction to my time away from home. This painting is meant to be a reminder the most wonderful things in life are worth working hard for. Graniti is a beautiful town hidden away in the mountains, I would like people (locals and travellers) to see this piece and be reminded how special this place is. This is a painting about love, romance, anticipation and coming home.


Girls That Smoke – Animated Short – Spain

“Girls That Smoke” is an animated short I’ve been working on for the last two months at Pinea Linea de Costa A.I.R in Rota Spain. It was created by linocutting the artwork and then composing and animating the puppets in AfterEffects, incredibly time consuming but I am really happy with the final look. Im always looking for new ways to combine traditional art styles with modern technology.

Ive been traveling for about 10 months now, meeting lots of great people along the way. As fun as that is, its not so fun to say goodbye and head on to the next place. This film is inspired by and a response to those bitter sweet feelings. Looking forward to showing it for the first time Tonight Wednesday June 21st, my last night here in Spain (how fitting)

“Road Less Traveled” Show/Exhibition in Bari Italy

Very excited to show the poster series I created in Ireland “Road Less Traveled” at a small gallery here in Bari Italy.

Il 22 aprile si presenterà l’esposizione di Robert John Paterson.

Robert John Paterson è un illustratore canadese che si impegna nella produzione di filmati e film d’animazione.
Laureato in disegno e comunicazione grafica all’Art Institute di Toronto ed inseguito in arte d’illustrazione e design all’Ontario College of Art and Design
Ha lavorato nell’ambito pubblicitario e come artista free-lance

“Nell’autunno del 2017 ho preso la decisione difficile di lasciare il Canada e viaggiare, con il piano di visitare nuovi posti, sperimentare culture e creare nuovo lavoro. Credo che le cose più difficili da fare siano le più gratificanti, e viaggiare da solo senza essere in grado di comunicare facilmente è stata un’incredibile fonte di ispirazione per la mia arte. Ho trascorso un po ‘di tempo in Portogallo, Islanda e Spagna sperimentando la combinazione di stampa e animazione. In Irlanda ho creato una serie di poster serigrafati chiamata “Road Less Traveled”, una reazione al mio tempo da solo e alle decisioni che ho preso che mi hanno condotto qui.
Queste immagini sono un mix di sentimenti di depressione, solitudine, rimpianto e isolamento – così come sentimenti positivi di libertà, fiducia, coraggio e prendere il destino nelle mie mani.”

Questo e molto altro vi attende il 22 aprile!
Nessuno conosce bene l’inglese e non vi sono critiche, l’arte non ha una lingua predestinata!

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