Street Art Toronto Electrical Box

Street Art Toronto (or stART) commissions a couple dozen artist each year to paint a big ugly grey electrical box each, with the idea that it makes the city look nicer and it will cut down on vandalism. I was fortunate enough to be selected this year and decided to paint a few animals and sunset (classic)

I drew out my design in Adobe Illustrator then applied it to a template of the box so see how it would line up. I pretty much do everything in Illustrator. I love how I can create a figure or object out of basic shapes then move it around easily to build a composition

Final layout and colour rough of my design.

Step 1 was priming the box. It was in pretty rough shape so it took a few coats. Then I drew it out with pencil and started colouring it in, one colour at a time. Im used to screen printing so breaking down the image by layer is kind of second nature, and in this case worked out well.

Very happy with how it turned out, if you are in Toronto you can check it out at the corner of Broadview and Mortimer Ave

Here is a link to stART for more information on the application process if anyone is interested next year

Thanks for looking


Co-Curating an Event with the amazing Emily May Rose

Submission Deadline: June 30th, 2017
Opening Reception: July 6th
Show Duration: July 6th-18th

CALL FOR ARTISTS – Northern Contemporary is seeking artists and illustrators working in a range of mediums for a group exhibition running from July 6th – 18th; All Day Breakfast.

What is your morning ritual? Whether you’re an early riser or constantly hitting snooze, eating a full breakfast or relying on copious amounts of coffee, everyone has their own routine. All Day Breakfast takes an illustrative approach to exploring these habits and how different artists like to start their day. Do you opt for military efficiency, or can you hardly drag your ass out of bed? Show us what your morning looks like.

Eligibility: This call for artists is open to all artists regardless of location, international submissions are welcome. Painting, drawing, mixed media, and sculpture are all acceptable mediums. Keep in mind that Northern Contemporary focuses on illustrative, representational, urban, lowbrow, comic, pop art, and experimental work. 

Facebook Event Here

Retropath Presents: STRAIT-JACKET

Retropath is a monthly series at Toronto’s Royal Cinema – showcasing classic horror and genre films. I was commissioned to create the poster for Mays event, the screening of Joan Crawford as an ax-wielding ex-con in Strait-Jacket.

I knew from the get go I wanted to work with Joan’s eyes. Such striking, powerful eyes. I did a few thumbnails and came up with the idea of her face being super-imposed on an ax handle. If positioned correctly, the negative space beside her head would make the shape of the sharp blade.

Tried some new gradient slash two colours at once blending with the background. Its subtle, but Im super happy with how it turned out. For sure will find ways to incorporate it again into future work

Couldn’t be more happy with how the eyes fill the ax blade. In my sketch it looked like it could work, but the final result is much better than I originally imagined. The hair above her forehead reads like the handle, and even the hair on the side of Joan’s head looks like it could be a blood drip. The slightly offset layers add a bit of a shine on the edge of the blade too. All separate and seemingly unimportant elements, but when combined they create the effect I was hoping for.

Strait-Jacket, 11″x17″ Screen Print. Limited edition of 13

Check out process work for more projects on my Behance

Camp Crystal Lake Illustrated Map

Illustrated map for the iconic Campy Crystal Lake from the Friday the 13th film series.

Vintage looking hand made 3 colour screen printed illustrated map featuring locations referenced in the films. Paths around the camp double as a chalk outline of a body, with the lake in the middle representing a pool of blood. Perfect for you or a horror film buff you know!

All prints are signed, thanks for looking!

Prints available on Etsy NOW


Most people assume because I mainly use traditional print making techniques for my Illustrations that I am stickily an analog guy. NOT TRUE! I love animating using After Effects and bringing my work to life. Here is a collection of things Ive done in the last few months, I especially like the last one – it is a tech and style test for short film im working away on slowly. Really want to mimic traditional looking film grain and classic animation.

As always, thanks for looking!

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